Menssäkrad + WASH United = True

Menssäkrad + WASH United = True

Join our campaign: 28 DAYS OF ACTION. May 28 is Menstrual Hygiene Day. That’s why we dedicate May to act for menstrual health. Menssäkrad was born out of a global movement, and now we invite you to be a part of it too!

Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) is a global advocacy movement founded by the German organization WASH United. The campaign brings together nonprofits, government agencies, individuals, the private sector and the media to promote good menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) worldwide. In 2022 the campaign had a global reach of over 687 million people! This year we are proud to announce that:

Menssäkrad is the Swedish official partner of WASH United

This offers your company a unique opportunity to become a supporter of a global movement of 1000 organizations working together to create a world where no one is held back because of a period.

MH Day also offer the perfect opportunity to promote more respectful conversations about menstruation within your company while taking a stand against period stigma.

You can use the official MH Day name and logo as an MH Day supporter. You get access to a portfolio of high-quality campaign materials, making it super easy to add your voice to the campaign and position your company as a champion for gender equality! 

The MH Day supporter pass for companies à 15.000 SEK enables all the above opportunities. Thank you for joining and supporting the global movement to make a difference!

Want to join, or are you just curious? Don’t hesitate to contact to get on board or to quiet your curiosity. 


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